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AUSCF is actively seeking those interested in being part of a team, a community, an effort that covers the full spectrum of cyber force needs and issues. You have specific knowledge, skills, and experiences. AUSCF believes those attributes and insights are valuable because of your unique viewpoint. Contribute to the team, and let the team contribute to you.

AUSCF needs professionals, academics, and students from all walks of life, industry sectors, and government elements. Be a leader. Be a follower. Be a cyber force developer. Whatever role you want to take, the AUSCF team is ready to have you join.

In fact, we need you to join. Because only you can bring what you have to the mission space.

PLUS, unless you want to opt out of it (see cart on checkout), since the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) is one of our partner organizations, AUSCF members become AUSA members with access to all their membership benefits. (See their individual membership and member benefits pages for more information.)

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